Whimsical and Naughty. Sweet but Seductive.

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“She’s a quality escort who offers a GFE performance worthy of the best pornstar you can think of. The only one problem, however, is that she is a thief — she stole my heart and now she’s asking for ransom. That left me no choice but to schedule another date to see if I can steal hers.”
– Solniefs [link]



Yes, You, second person, singular, pronoun.

You are a glorious personification of excellence. You have a successful career, an excellent circle of friends, maybe the trophy wife or girlfriend. You are a man who seemingly has everything.

Except perhaps one thing…..

You could never quite pin point it, but it seems like no one knows or cares to know the real you. Your desires, preferences, twists, turns, kinks, fetishes.

Maybe you have tried to seek out a note worthy companion, only to have them fall short of what they claim. They claim intimacy only to give you distance, authenticity only to show themselves equivocal.

You require a certain cachet in all your dealings, especially in finding a proper companion.

There are so very many choices, but few can combine the refinement, intelligence and beauty a man of your nature demands, and rightfully deserves.

Me, first person, singular, pronoun.

There is simply no woman such as myself.

Where others simply recycle, rinse and repeat the same old spiel of luxury and fantasy, I deliver it on a golden platter complete with a seductive smile. Grace incarnate, beauty manifest.

A self professed epistemophiliac, I have accomplished much for my time on this Earth in my quest to experience all that I can. To indulge in every taste, to shiver at every touch.

Je suis comme je suis.

Unashamedly Sapiosexual, I am in love with intelligence…in love with the world..

A voracious passion of mine driven by my pursuit of all things worldly is collecting languages like some collect works of art. It would start with something simple, like a song or a line in a poem and I would want to know its meaning, and the little truths it hides from me. I research it, I study it with a keen scientist’s eye, and find myself falling in love with it, romancing it, embracing it for my own. I have picked up about several languages this way and even though the beautiful words sometimes escape me, my language affair is something I feel will stay with me for as long as I live. It pairs very well with my penchant for wanderlust thankfully.

Akin to a fine gem, expertly cut and set, I have many facets to my personality that reflect all I do and have done. I invite you to sate your curiosity and see for yourself the woman behind the computer screen…

Me, Extended…

5’9 / E Cup / Green Eyes / Curly Black Hair / Dress Size US 6/8 or M / Shoe Size 41/10

Loves :  Sweet Wines (Ice Wine, Moscato) & Dark Chocolate

Favorites : Agent Provocateur, Christian Louboutin , Hermes, Herve Leger

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